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The New British Invasion Has Arrived – The Original Copper Heeler Insole
Anthony Andrews and his wife Jane welcome you to the Original Copper Heeler insole website

Anthony Andrews and his wife Jane welcome you to the Original Copper Heeler insole website.

Anthony Andrews is one of London’s best known custom shoemakers. Years ago one of his customers shared that while his custom shoes were wonderful, walking and doing chores had become difficult because of the ravages of arthritis. Anthony did some research, learned about the healing properties of copper and developed the Original Copper Heeler insole. His customer slipped a pair into his shoes and within a short period of time the pain disappeared and he resumed normal activities for the first time in years.

Order a pair today and return to an active lifestyle without the use of medication. See what the British have known for years. The Original Copper Heeler insole works and wins the war on pain one pair at a time. Order a pair today!!



Et Tu Santa?!

In England he’s known as Father Christmas but on this side of the Atlantic we call him Santa Claus or St. Nick. What’s he doing in London by the famous London Bridge? Sharing a pair of the Original Copper Heeler insoles with a Londoner.

The heeler is now available for purchase here in America. It was designed by one of Britain’s best known custom shoe designers and customers and around the globe report pain from arthritis and other joint diseases have been relieved by placing a heeler in each shoe and just doing their daily activity.

After just a few short days or weeks, many report pain has lessened or disappeared and they can return to normal activity…all without prescription drugs. Order a pair today.