A Copy of the Online Press Release in the US

The Original Copper Heeler Insole Offers Relief of Arthritis & Joint Pain

The Original Copper Heeler insole has helped 100,000 Europeans in the war on pain and has launched a US website.

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The Original Copper Heeler is made in England of pure, jewelry-grade copper

The Original Copper Heeler was created to help people with arthritis or joint pain live normal and active lives,. – Company founder Anthony Andrews

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

Europe’s leading copper insole, The Original Copper Heeler, has launched a website in the United States,http://theoriginalcopperheelerusa.com, and is making available its line of jewelry-grade copper insoles designed to help alleviate the debilitating and chronic pain of arthritis and joint pain throughout the human body. Studies in the US and England have shown the product works and is an inexpensive alternative to pain-killing drugs and other treatments that mask pain but leave people sluggish and unable to get around. The insoles are designed to fit into any footwear either by fastening with Velcro supplied for that purpose or by attaching them to a portable insole that can be moved from one pair of shoes to another.

Copper has been used since Greek and Roman times for a variety of ailments and is an essential element in the human body. The soles of the feet have 250,000 sweat glands and The Original Copper Heeler insole, patent pending in the US, was designed to take advantage of that pathway to the entire body.

The product was designed by one of London, England’s best known custom shoe designers, Anthony Andrews, whose clients complained about not being able to get around because of arthritis, hip or joint pain. After wearing the insole for a couple of weeks, most customers report almost miraculous results and many have no need for walkers or canes and have resumed a robust and active lifestyle. Some have even reported postponing or cancelling scheduled surgeries for things like hip and knee replacements.

“We came up with this product to relieve suffering and let people live normal lives after years of being unable to do that because of pain,” said Andrews.

He is a member of the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen and has been in the orthotic footwear business for over 45 years in London’s prestigious West End. “We have received hundreds of testimonials from around the world about the amazing effects of the Heeler and we want people in the United States to have direct access to the product and the amazing benefits. There is nothing better for me than either getting a phone call, an email or a letter from someone thanking me for giving them back their lives.”

The Original Copper Heeler insole is pure copper and is made by artisans in England. It is available in sizes for both men and women and offered at $49.50 per pair, plus $3.95 in shipping. The company stands behind the product and offers a full refund if a customer is dissatisfied with the product. It is available exclusively online at http://www.theoriginalcopperheelerusa.com and by phone at 1-800-374-5514.

About the Original Copper Heeler insole

The Original Copper Heeler insole is the leading copper insole in the world and is designed to fit into any footwear either by fastening the heeler with Velcro or by attaching it to a portable insole that can be moved from one pair of shoes to another. The Heeler is made of jewelry-grade copper in England and shipped to the US for its growing customer base. For more information on the Heeler, plus customer reviews and other useful information please visit us at http://www.theoriginalcopperheelerusa.com. Read our blog, like us on Facebook and look for us on Twitter. The Original Copper Heeler is winning the war on pain one pair at a time.