About The Inventors

dr-andrewsAnthony Andrews Master Shoemaker is known throughout England as a man who can design and build you a great pair of handmade footwear and orthotics that combine style and comfort. A member of the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen, he has been in the orthotic footwear business in London’s West End for over 45 years.

Mr. Andrews heard from his customers about the ravaging effects of arthritis and was convinced he was the man to find a way to alleviate the pain.

“So I went to work on designing something that was well-made, would last a long time and make a difference to all those people suffering,” said Mr. Andrews. He spent 18 months experimenting with different designs before ending up with the Original Copper Heeler Insoles®.

“Once I started selling them people told their friends, families and their doctors,” said Mr. Andrews. “Some of those same doctors send their patients here and the Copper Heeler insoles gives them back their lives. It’s very rewarding work and I want Americans to have access to the pain-relieving properties.”

His wife Jane runs the office and she makes sure every pair is shipped quickly. It’s a family affair and one they take great pride in. You will experience that pride every day you walk through life wearing the Original Copper Heeler insoles.

The Original Copper Heeler Insoles®
Winning the war on pain one pair at a time

For more information, please contact us at info@theoriginalcopperheeler.com