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Prof_SingerOriginal Copper Heeler Investigated by Leading British Doctor

Dr. Albert Singer, an Oxford educated and London-based physician and medical school professor was approached by the Original Copper Heeler founder Anthony Andrews to conduct a no holds barred analysis of the product and whether it worked for most patients. His conclusions may have surprised some in the medical profession but not to the thousands of satisfied customers who have found the product an integral part in the never-ending war on pain.

Among his findings:

  • More copper is absorbed through the feet than possible with a copper bracelet
  • 80 test subjects reported vast improvement from the severe pain of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis within three weeks
  • The Original Copper Heeler accomplishes all this without the use of drugs and has no side effects whatsoever
  • On a scale of 1-5 most users reported the product scored a 4 in less than a month of usage
  • Recommended the heeler because drug therapies can be dangerous and increase morbidity

About 7 years ago Mr Anthony Andrews and his team observed that a number of sufferers of both rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis used copper in various forms with seemingly excellent results in relation to alleviation and moderation of pain. He believed the amount of copper absorbed from a bracelet was minimal and so developed a copper insert device (“Copper Heeler”) to be placed under the heel in the shoe speculating that the increased area of indirect contact with the thickened skin of the heel would be more effective and thereby deliver and increased dosage of copper. However, at this time it can only be speculated as to the mechanism of action; be it the absorption of minute amounts of copper, interference with body energy in the form of electrical or magnetic radiation, or a complicated placebo affect.

An uncontrolled questionnaire study over the last 9 months, given to 80 users of the “Copper Heeler” with variable degrees of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, showed that improvement occurred to a very significant degree. The respondents recorded an improvement on a 1-5 analogue scale of an average reading of just under 4 after less than one month of usage. It was impressive in that a number of sufferers with severe disease were improved within three weeks of wearing the “Copper Heeler” inserts.

A controlled blind random trial is being organized in conjunction with academic advisors. However, in the meantime this device is recommended as it would seem to provide a cheap, effective and seemingly safe alternative to the sometimes dangerous and morbidity inducing drug therapies.

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