New York Doctor Loves the Copper Heeler

dr-teng-largeAcupuncture started in China 5,000 years ago and now is an accepted medical option for millions of people around the globe. Dr. Chunyan Teng has been helping her patients in the war against pain for almost 30 years but added a new wrinkle to her acupuncture practice when a patient told her about a product that changed her life forever – the Copper Heeler insole.

Teng had been looking for something simple that helps people. “The Copper Heeler Insole is easy to use and my patients don’t have any resistance to it,” said Teng from her Manhattan office. “I had an 89- year old patient and suggested he try it and he liked it so much he bought two pair.”

In April 2012, one of Teng’s patients told her about the Original Copper Heeler Insoles. It relieved the pain of arthritis. It changed her life and she wanted to share the knowledge with her doctor.

The doctor’s mother was suffering from the withering pain of arthritis and she gave the heeler to her mother. Three days later the senior citizen started to feel better.

“My mother’s rheumatoid arthritis was so bad she could not walk up and down the stairs,” Teng said. “The Copper Heeler has changed her life forever.” Teng was so impressed she shared the product with her sister, herself and her husband.

It is now part of Teng’s arsenal and she has purchased dozens of Copper Heelers for her patients.

“The Copper Heeler keeps my feet warm in the winter and you don’t even feel them in your shoes,” said Teng. “I love them and so do my patients who have tried them. They are well-priced and they work.”

The Original Copper Heeler Insoles®– Winning the war on pain one pair at a time