A Bad Hip – A New Beginning For Massachusetts Man

MarkMark, a 52 year old entrepreneur from Massachusetts, had seen his physical activities curtailed from a degenerative condition over a two-year period. He went on the Internet, used the search words copper and arthritis and found the website for the Original Copper Heeler®. He read about the product, spent time reading some of the hundreds of testimonials and decided it was worth a shot.

So what happened?

“From the moment I put on the Copper Heelers I felt better,” Mark said. “In the two months since I started using it the pain has dropped 50 percent and I hope over time it gets even better.”

Mark had led an active lifestyle but his ability to play golf, among other things, was compromised by his arthritic hip. A twice-a-week golf game turned into a weekly event because of wracking pain. He had consulted a surgeon and was contemplating hip replacement. That plan has been put on hold..

The effects of the Original Copper Heeler have been life-changing and Mark bought more pairs of the Heelers that he wears with different types of shoes, including sandals. The last time Mark visited his doctor he told him that he wanted to put the surgery off because the Heeler continues to provide real relief.

“The doctor asked me about it and I showed him one. He held it in his hand and said ‘That’s amazing’ and I would have to agree.” The bone spurs, worn hip joints and the constant pain have subsided by half and Mark has largely returned to an active life style.

Science may not know why it works, but so far it does,” said Mark.” I love these things because I don’t have to take anything else, and there are no side effects.”

The Original Copper Heeler®
Winning the war on pain one pair at a time